Lex Crawler : How it Works?

1. The Idea

Lex Crawler is designed to make your legal search faster, simpler and more accurate. The web is the most powerful resource for material but one must search the relevant sites in order to get the right results and that is the basic idea behind Lex Crawler, to provide relevant results in the shortest possible time.

2. How it Works?

Lex Crawler is based on the Google's custom search engine, which has been finely tuned to provide relevant India specific legal results in searches. We have indexed a host of sites / resources to enable the user to get all the information he or she may want in one go without having to search again.

Once you enter your search query, the following screen appears;

Here we searched the term 'trademark' and all relevant results pertaining to the same are displayed, alongwith an option to select various tabs. The user can click the tabs (as shown above) without having to enter his or her search query again.

Suppose I want to search for Judgments under the term 'trademark', I would simply have to click on the tab 'Judgments' and all the Judgments pertaining to the term would be displayed.

Similarly, if I were to click on the Statute tab, I would get all the relevant search results for the term 'trademark'.